Drop Bag Instruction

A drop bag facility in ultra run is a service that allows runners to access their own personal gear and supplies at designated aid stations along the course. This can help runners to refuel, change clothes, or deal with any issues that may arise during the race. Drop bags are usually transported by the race organizers from the start to the specific locations. Runners need to label their bags clearly with their name, bib number, and the aid station location. They also need to follow the size and weight limits set by the race directors. Drop bags can be very useful for long-distance races, especially in challenging weather or terrain conditions.

We have three categories for you to choose from: 50 km, 100 km, and 161 km. Each category has its own challenges and rewards, and we are here to support you along the way. To ensure your comfort and safety, we have arranged drop bag facilities for each category, as follows:

Marine Drive Ultra will collect all drop bags from the runners while they will report for collecting their bib (participation number). You may be asked to show your gear (as per your category) to ensure safety. Please label your bags clearly with your name, bib number, and the aid station location, and pack them in a waterproof and durable bag. Please follow the size and weight limits set by the race directors, and avoid putting any valuable or perishable items in your bags.

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