Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the Marine Drive Ultra! This rigorous event pushes your limits across a challenging course. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, so please carefully review these rules and regulations.




Paved Road & National Highway Sections:



Additional Information:

Race Format:

Bibs & Timing:

Cut-Offs & Checkpoints:

Finish, Did-Not-Finish, Did-Not-Start and Pulling Out:

Crews, Pacers, External Assistance:

Medical Assistance:


Dress Code:

Health Checks & Medical Assistance:

Drugs, Liquor, Substance Abuse:

Non-Bangladeshi Citizens:

Registration and Fees:

Qualifying Criteria:

Race Official Decisions:

Decisions by Run Managers and the Race Director are final; respect their authority. By participating, you acknowledge and accept these rules. We wish you a safe and rewarding experience at the Marine Drive Ultra!

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Discover the extraordinary ultra marathon along the scenic route of breathtaking views of the sea and beach at marine drive ultra.


BDBL BHABAN (Level 9, East), Kawran Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1215


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